Sarah Esslemont

Sarah is our Managing Director. Sarah will remain involved in the design and delivery of events in addition to looking at wider opportunities for the company. You can view her LinkedIn profile here.

When did you join the company?

“1999 as a member of the event team”

What is your role at Maximillion?

Managing Director”

What do you love most about your job?

“The variety!”

If given the chance, which fictional or non-fictional person would you like to be for a day and why?

“Mary Poppins because I can fly! Not to mention the many other magical powers I would possess…”practically perfect in every way!’”

What is the weirdest food you have ever eaten?

“A fried cricket whilst on horse back safari in Botswana”

Would you rather attend school in Hogwarts or live in Narnia?

“Mmm tricky one, the wardrobe is tempting but I reckon I would be a dab hand at quidditch so Hogwarts would win that one.”